My name is Valerie Lecoeur Brockenbrough, and I’m the founder of Lucas b. Natural Dog Toys. I’m also the founder and owner of Zoë b Organic. As an eco-entrepreneur, mom, and dog owner, I’m passionate about offering families safe and healthy choices, including for their dogs. That’s why I’m proud to be partnering with Lanco, a family-owned business in Barcelona, Spain, that’s been making 100% natural rubber toys for both pets and children since 1952.

My husband and I have three great kids, and Lucas b. Natural Dog Toys is named after our 13-year-old son, Lucas (pronounced “luca”). Since he was a baby, Lucas has adored dogs of all shapes and sizes. And he’s best friends with our Yorkie Poo, “Rambo.” (You’ll find photos of our scruffy, 7-pound mascot throughout our site.)